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Tennis Racquet Restrings

With over 30+ years of restringing racquets, you can trust us with your restring. We also provide racquet re-gripping.

Text or Email to Book Your Restring:

Phone: 0433622111 (Matt)



Racquet Restring: $35

Grip: $15

Over grip: $3

Tennis Racquet Restrings

Over 30+ years of restringing racquets, you can trust your racquet in our hands.

  • How often should I get a restring?
    Of course whenever you break a string you should get a restring. Otherwise we often tell our clients that 'how many times you play per week, will often be the minimum amount of restrings you should get per year'. But this is also dependant on the level of tennis you play. Thus ideally the things to look for when it is the best time to get a restring, is when tension loss is noticeable, and this affects the response/feel of your racquet to hitting the ball. You may also notice your strings getting 'torn' apart, that is another sign you are due for a restring.
  • Can I bring my own string?
    Yes of course. If you have your own reel of string you would like us to string with we are more than happy to do that.
  • How long does it take to get my racquet back?
    From drop off to return, racquets can be picked up the next day after drop off.
  • How many different types of strings do we have?
    We have a big range of different types of strings and colours. We can also assist in guiding you towards what you need for your style of game and level of play.
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